Mary Jane Shoes and Smocked Dresses: The Perfect Traditional Classic Chic Style for Little Girls

Mary Jane Shoes and Smocked Dresses: The Perfect Traditional Classic Chic Style for Little Girls

Mary Jane shoes and smocked dresses create the most timeless look for little girls. A chic and elegant children's style which never goes out of fashion and endures the test of time. A silhouette beloved generation after generation, summer like winter, for day wear and celebrations.

More than beautiful clothing and footwear, adopting this style is also a way to celebrate the magic of childhood, to highlight their innocence, to let them "be little" as the saying goes.

'Natalie'- Light Pink Patent Leather Mary Jane Shoes


But what exactly is a smocked dress? How and where to pick the right one?

Smocking is the art of embroidering geometrical or figurative shapes on top of tightly pleated panels of fabric. This craftsmanship began in the 18th century and became very popular during the Victorian era in Europe. The most classic design most often features a Peter Pan collar, puffed sleeves and a butterfly bow in the back. You can read more about the detailed history of this know-how here.

'Milania'- Pink Patent Leather Shoes


Today handmade smocks is becoming a rare art yet continues to be highly sought after! 

At Charlotte Sy Dimbythis traditional craftsmanship endures. Lovingly made by expert hands in their very own atelier, the brand offers highly limited editions of gorgeous smocked dresses for babies and girls from 3 months to 12 years old. They also have delightful hand embroidered dresses, bubbles and coordinated outfits for little boys. Their designs stand out not only by their quality and the meticulous care to details but also by their great variety of colors and fabrics.
Based in Paris, home to their unique boutique L'Île aux Fées, the brand has a strong French identity. Shipping worldwide through their e-shop and renewing their collections monthly, you will be sure to find the most perfect gown for each and every occasion : birthdays, Easter, Christmas, portraits, family photos, fancy outings. Pieces to cherish and pass down from one generation to another. 


Visit Charlotte Sy Dimby today and explore their collection of exquisite traditional smocked dresses. Pair their dress with our Mary Jane shoes and you are sure to make a statement! Your princess will delight in twirling!

'Rosa'- Pink Suede Mary Jane Shoes

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